Im sitting here at 1:39 in the morning listening to I'll Follow you into the Dark and i dont know what im doing here im looking at blogs at waiting for someone to join my chat and ill probally be doing this for another 2 hours why do i stay here is an unknown thing for me... It as if im waiting for the impossible to happen what ever that may be... There is a definet group of people u can see posting on your blogs...

Why has the world gotten so caught up in what is now... we must be looking good and in fashion last week i went to see a movie i pajamas if thats how you spell it. I dont care if your fat or ugly as long as you make me happy. I can be a very nice person but barley anyone gets to know me or talks to me long enough to find out about me.

I may be a complete loser and nerd for being on ebaums world doing all this garbage but i dont care... it dosnt matter. i think that the computer has made me the most of who i am today it could seem strange that it could effect me in such a big way but the people i have met and the thing i have done are un forget able

about 2 years ago i started to play computer games and i got really good at them... Infact i was able to beat the best in the world at the origional halo game for the PC but who the fuck cares... i started playing more games then i played World of watcraft never start that games it kills your soul... I played it to much it comsumed my life i didnt do school work i just played all the time 1000 hours in 9 months... lots most things and i lost conection with my family just sat in my bacement for hours... i got used to every thing and i liked it that way i went to boarding school last year for school left my family and went to a new place didnt make a friend for about 3 months infact they thought i was gunna go on a school wide shooting... Im not a very social person but the computer brings out who i really am...

Well that all im gunna say a little longer then i wanted took 10 min to do it all and if u really wanna talk to me just send me a message...


Uploaded 08/07/2008
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