Helen Thomas is a true hero

You know what I'm sick of? Being accused of being an anti semite for being anti zionist. the two are not synonomous. The American media has a sick obsession with lionizing israel despite thier being far from innoscent. So it's a bit refreshing to hear someone speak against them, though I don't feel anything as strongly as the idea that they should all leave Palastine. If we forced such an action we would be just like..well..what we did when we established the nation of Israel. Let's not be that unreasonable twice.

It's not even a matter of Helen Thomas being forced to resign for what she said in particular, though I partly agree with what she said. The important thing is that she had every right to say it. I am getting tired of how fragile every white person's career is. that podium just seems to come out of no where. It's time to stop making everyone walk on eggshells. Reporters are not held to a diferent standard then the rest of us, and we are all a varying species of hypocrite. It's begining to be a tired cliche to say this, but it aparently needs repeating: freedom of speech doesn't mean a thing if we don't fucking practice it.

If we are going to whip out the apology podium every time we catch someone saying something we don't like, it's no longer a game of integrity it's a game of what can I catch you saying. We all have something vile to say, your career only depends on not getting caught saying it. Can't we do better then this? Are we still such children playing games like this? Can not a single one of us look inside ourselves and say 'that could have been me. I just haven't gotten caught'. Isn't there any sympathy from you ruthless fucks at all?

The saddest thing is that she's probably going to be made to lie and say she supports Israel, because that's what Americans want to hear.

Uploaded 06/11/2010
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