Hell Yeah!!!

Not really trying to be a douche and brag, but finally I got one of my uploads featured!!! I am very close to getting a swag pack, the one with a koozie and other stuff. Now I have heard it is a scam, but I have also seen where people actually won these things. Have any of yall got anything?

Also I am aware that I am a ebone whore Neko, and pigeon, but that does not mean I just upload stupid stuff just for points. If you look at all my uploads from this year, they are all good, at least in my opinion and I tried not to copy anyone's media, in fact I even check to see if it is been uploaded previously. I love this site, and all the shenanigans that it is filled with, I am not just here to win stuff either, all though a ebaum's koozie orĀ  a beanie would be cool to wear during the winter, plus I have been on this site and check it everyday I can, so I would like to have something to show for my support.

Thanks everyone for the help and stuff.
Uploaded 08/16/2011
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Tags: slackjaw