Hello It's Late

Hello It's Late, yes I'm drunk again and decided to blog about sweet nothings, but seriously I hope you all had a delightful 4th of July weekend/night. I for once had a nice time by drinking with my cousin who was in Iraq and Afgah. for a year or two, which was nice catching up, along with his and my friends. We lit about 600 dollars worth of fireworks in honor of his injury that he sustained in battle. A cop came and said " he got an anonymous complaint on so n so avenue" , but we said " we have a few more Officer" and he said, " that's fine". Which had surprised me at the time, but he was cool about it. What he did not know, is that we had about another 45minutes worth of mortars to light left lel. It was a great night  with my cousin who was been through so much in his war life currently. With his family and mine watching on , let alone the neighbors watching on, it was a great night for everyone and not having one interfere with it was glorious. I only wish again for this to happen again because it was a great time with fireworks and beer. The night felt so right for this to happen on this 4th of July, I honestly think it was the best so far of my 4th of july experiences. I say this because I realized how family and friends are so valueable on this special event. I know so of you  can relate and some can not relate, but hey it's all good.


I don't blog as much, but sometimes I do once in a blue moon, I'm not asking for your favorite band and or least, I',m just trying to speak my mind and let some inner drunkish demons out , so I don't get hungover today/tomorrow depending on the time it is.


By the way, "hello it's late" is an STP song and "Tiny Music From The Vatican" is a great album , song wise, very laid back and chill if you like to drink/smoke/w.e you crazy mother fuckers do.

Happy 4th again and have a wonderful evening/day Ebaumers.


P.S. Thanks for spending the time to read this.





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