Hello my name is Dick !

here is a little insight about me !

Born to a family of acrobats, Dick Grayson begins his life with an exciting childhood growing up in the circus. With his parents, John and Mary Grayson, his family forms " The Flying Graysons," famed trapeze artists and acrobats.

These happy times soon take a turn for the worse, as the mafia begins targeting the circus. At eight years old, Dick witnesses mob boss Anthony Zucco threatens the circus owner, demanding insurance for the safety of his performers. The owner vehemently refuses the extortion and Dick goes along his way. Unfortunately, Zucco decides to use the headlining act, which happens to be The Flying Graysons, as an example.

As the Graysons plummet to earth, hundreds of spectators watch in horror. Among them are billionaire Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman). Feeling empathy for the boy's loss, Bruce decides to take the boy in as his legal ward, as none of Dick's family wanted him. The major difference between Bruce and Dick is that while Bruce's swore vengeance on his parents grave, Dick Grayson swore justice, which helped him cope with the death better then Bruce had his own parents.

After a short while, Dick realizes what his mentor is doing all these late nights, and eventually chooses the same life as well. Bruce decides that with the boy's extensive training in acrobatics and his sense of justice, he has just whats needed to become the Batman's partner. After rigorous training from Bruce, Robin, the Boy Wonder, is christened.

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