Hello to People of Ebaums.

Hello everyone, I am a chef in my home town  in Southern Italy. I work so hard, maybe 60 hours sometimes. But I like to write some things to change the pace. Working in my restaurant is always so fast and I can't make no mistakes because it is bad for business. With the writing I can take my time, drink some good wine I make in the fall and still smile for my lovely wife. The work sometimes makes me angry, so I no smile for my wife. But when I write I can make the smile.

My kids they say I should do this blogging, it will help me with learning more English and more about the world. At first I try in Italian, but there are not many who can read my stories here in Italy and no one in other countries. So I think why not learn more about the world and improve my English. I use the spellcheck so it really helps.

I read a lot of the bloggers here, and this seems like a nice place to start. I am not a chef who went to the big schools, mostly my mama teach me and my papa showed me how kill the animal and get it clean for the cooking. My Old Uncle he teach me to pickle and make good sausage that we preserve in barrels with the fat of the pig to keep it good for eating. Here in Southern Italy, we have the white truffles that taste so good. My old uncle show me how to take the pig to find them in the forest. You have to be careful and very fast so the pig don't eat it.

I used to tell my children some stories for sleep, I never write them down, but I will try to remember and write them here. They were for children, but it is better for me to learn this way first.

As my  Nonna  would say, "Chi lascia la strada vecchia per la nuova sa quel che lascia, ma non sa quel che trova."
English translation: "Who leaves the old street for the new one, knows what he left but not what he'll find."
Uploaded 12/18/2010
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