Help Me, I Just Don't Get It.

I have a really bad head cold, so I'm second guessing what I am reading on the internet. 

So here it is, Obama passed a rule that would force all organizations to provide contraception and sterilization to female workers regardless of personal or religious beliefs. So a religious organization, say  Muslim, Christian or Jewish based  would have to provide their female employees in legal form, contraceptives or sterilization even though that is in direct conflict with their beliefs.  Obama has allowed religious organizations a years grace, but that's like holding them captive before plunging in the knife. 

From a practical standpoint, I know if the women in those organizations are devout, then they would have no need for the services. However, to write a law, they don't believe in,  into their organization undermines the very essence of who they are.  This would be like asking the Pope to write into law an amendment that would contravene what the Vatican believes in.  

To me, this is a disgusting act and I cannot understand how people will stand for it, if they do. I'm not a hateful person, that I know is self damaging, but if the above is true and I'm pretty sure it is, then I have developed a hate for President Obama. We all have different beliefs and I can accept that, but to force laws onto people in direct violation of the First Amendment is unforgivable. 

Who the FUCK is this Obama? And why do the American people let him get away with this crap?

The Story...

Please tell me this is bullshit and not true. I don't want to hate President Obama, it's not healthy. I thought maybe this was an Onion presentation or at least a spin by Alex Jones, but it looks authentic. Pinch me, wake me, tell me it's not so!
Uploaded 02/09/2012
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