Help, Somebody save music!

I am starting to become very ashamed of music. I'm not completely innocent when it comes to bad taste in music. I like some random songs that are just horrible. I'm very curious what happened to actualy music. All these so called musicians now jsut sing about totaly stupid things. Don't even get me started on rap. Some rap can be ok like eminem is awesome. Tupac was pretty good two. Somewhere I guess all the rappers of the world all ahd I giant conference and decided " hey, Let's jsut all sing about cars, Whore's, And all the moeny we have....Yes. A wonderful Idea".

What happened to music that had meaning and substance. We need to reserect Kurt Cobain. Don't get me wrong some songs that are made now do have a good meaning. But what happened to the songs that were jsut big "fuck you's" to the man.

Some bands are trying to be all edgy and speak their mind. Take greenday for example. They seem fresh and new. NO! they so ripped off the Dead Kennedys. I swear they just googled "most awesome people in the world" say their picture and made them their clones.

Some artist/ bands that I really enjoy are.....

Marilyn Manson


Gun's N rose's



Dead Kennedy's


Dixie Chicks

And others. Someone needs to smack all those pop tart whore's and stupid rappers who like looking like they shit their pants and tell them to grow up, grow a brain and to stop making shitty music. I dont want to be listening to the radio and have some song come on that is pretty much some blonde bimbo saying " If you rind wiht a guy you have to go hom with him. Dont forget the blowjob for the doorman".

I thought the point of making music was to get you're voice heard. Not to get rich and addicted to crack. I like some country music but not all. As long as its not some whinney bitch of a man complaining tha his wife left him, His truck got towed and his dog died them Im good.

I think we should create a mob. And kill all the stupid people. I'd probally get killed then eh?

Uploaded 10/09/2008
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