Henry and Wimpy

Henry was a good-old boy,
Believing in life, and love, and God
And late one day, he was driving through rain
and he saw a small little dog

The poor little creature, had been tossed to the side,
He lay in the road, just waiting to die

Now, Henry was known, for his soft, caring heart
And to see such misery, just tore him apart

He stepped outta the car,
checked the animal
He was beaten and scarred,
at the hands of some vandal

The dog softly whined, as Henry touched his side
the beast was still living, much to Henrys surprise
he scooped him up, and it was off to the vet
It resembled a rat, all miserable and wet

The vet then asked, what was the dogs name?
Henry named him Wimpy, cuz he was ragged and lame.
But Henry just loved,   the little shrimp
Wimpy recovered, but walked with a limp

Henry wasnt allowed, any pets in his home
But hed make an exception, and throw Wimpy a bone
Sneaking him in, so he couldnt be shown
Is kinda tricky, when a dogs wearing a cone

Henry and Wimpy, soon became best of buds
But his constant barking, drove his neighbor nuts
But he never hit Wimpy, as hed been through so much
henryd give a stern stare, and that was enough

Henry worked hard, at his factory
But they closed down his plant, and sent his job overseas
some way to repay, his countless years of service
His new found opinion? His company was worthless

Some of his coworkers, had children to feed
But they threw aside their fellow man,
and instead chose their money

In Henrys case, he had no offspring
Just himself, and a runt dog to upbring

When Henry got home, there was a lock on his door
the landlord found Wimpys gift
and wouldnt take crap anymore

Henry phoned his folks,
in his hometown, up north
and they said, theyd take him in, of course
Nothing like relatives, when you are in danger
Family is blood, everyone else is a stranger

Henry packed up his stuff, and toted it atop
his crappy station wagon; home was the next stop
But while he was driving, with Wimpy shotgun
The car sputtered and died, obviously done

Henry just sighed, and tipped back in his seat
It could wait until morning, for now he would sleep
Wimpy curled up, onto Henrys lap
The dog soundly slept, as they enjoyed their nap

But Henry awoke, to a sound of breaking glass
He was being robbed, by a man in a ski-mask
the guy had a knife, and he waved it wildly
Henry said Take it all, just let me be

But the robber didnt want, any witnesses alive
He slashed henrys hand, and blood coated the knife
Wimpy snarled, and bit the guys wrist
The robber cried out, obviously pissed

Henry also grabbed hold, of the menacing blade
this man meant to kill him, and henry was afraid
Henry punched with his fists, and kicked with his feet
If Henry was stabbed, hed be dead meat

The robber retreated, out the passenger door
henry started to follow, to settle the score
But Wimpy whimpered, and Henry looked over
the knife was protruding, from Wimpys shoulder

Wimpy was having, difficulty breathing
But for the moment, his heart was beating

henry picked him up, running towards the highway
Henry waved some cars down, but none would stay

Then a semi truck, came into view
The driver pulled off, as if on cue
Henry explained, and showed him the pooch
the driver was wise, and very astute

They took off toward town, back to the vet
the place where Wimpy, and Henry first met

It was late in the night, the veterinarian was leaving
But henry rushed in, with his poor Wimpy bleeding

Henry was in tears, and said save him please
the dog saved my life, I dont know what he needs

The woman doctor, was moved by the scene

She took out the knife, and patched up the seams

It seems poor Whimpy, was stictched up and sewn
and now he would need, yet another cone

Thats  when she noticed, the cut on his arm
Henry was too shocked, to realize hed been harmed

She kindly offered, to patch up his cuts
she was a real doctor, not just a healer of mutts

His hands were nicked, his fingers sliced
from the look of his wrist, he was cut twice

She hummed to herself, as she closed up his wound
Henry explained his situation,
in the Emergency Room

She said she had been with different guys,
but never one who so cherished,
an animals life

She noticed, the dog followed, wherever he went
And by saving Wimpys life, his last dollar was spent
An animal was, the best judge of a person
Life can be hard, and a nice guy can worsen

Henry never used nothing, as an excuse
To cause others misery, hatred, or abuse

She had a spare bedroom, he could crash until morning,
Henry said that was fine, if she didnt mind snoring
I think you and I, both know where this leads
henry ended up, with a fine woman,
For his  deeds

Do not worry, about his dog
Do no worry, about your job
Have faith in your life, your love, and your God
and thats the end,
you can all now applaud

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