Her name was Talia

It was a normal day in Gotham city, I finished off my morning routine and waking into Gotham towers I greeted sally the receptionist as I walked in "good morning Sally how does my day look so far" Sally responds your day seems to be clear but you have a visitor in your office I let her in she is waiting for you in your office. A visitor I thought to myself I had nothing plan for today. I take the elevator up to the top floor and open my office door. My jaw dropped to see a ravishing brunette, Hello Bruce Wayne or should I say Batman. My face turns from an over joyed smile to a concerned frown. Who are you? Bruce my name is Talia Al Ghul I know everything about you, and trust me your secrets are safe with me. Al Ghul as in relationship to Rah Al Ghul. What do you want from me, what is the purpose of this visit. Talia walks over and presses herself on to me nothing I just want to get to know the man behind the cowl. my father would tell me stories of you and I grew up building a fascination to you I would go even as far to say I am infatuated with you, Bruce take me I've been waiting for this for so long.


I grab Talia and we rush to the elevator, as the door closes I begin to hold her in my arms as we kiss her body tightens. The door opens and I grab her by the hand as I'm exiting the building, yell back at Sally to cancel any appointments and to send out a memo I will out of the office for the day.


At Wayne Manner we run up to the master bedroom passing Alfred as we rush by i yell at Alfred i will be busy for the rest of the day. i shut the door behind us and lift Talia as she wraps her legs around my waist. i bite down on her blush red lip as i lay her down on my bed. i tell Talia i guess Batman can take the day off. Talia kiss my neck and tells me i will always be her beloved.  

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