hero's tale part 1

Once there was a musician and story teller who traveled much and slept rarely. He sang in taverns for coin, and often rest an eat there free for his work. His travels brought him one day to a bar in the town of Pineatia. Often he would tell stories about fictional heros, this time one who traveled to Pineatia:


He who walks so tall and proud, muscle bound an' axe in hand,

come upon a rabid dog, dark, growlin, dire and hungry.

He ne'er feared for his blade was sharp an hefty.

The battle was fierce, our hero grew weary,

But by the sound of the churches bell the monster ran.


A drunkard dropped his glass stein, and stood weaving back and forth. "I know this creature you speak about!" He drooled over his tangled beard. "He too attacked my party, killed my wife, but at the first sign of light he run off like a demon damned to his caves. The villagers round here call this demon dog Affhocker."

The large bartender, threw the drunk out of the tavern, "Bard there! I think these folks have had enough of your entertainment, see yourself to an empty room for the night." The "Bard" found an empty room with no windows. Removed his garments and revealed his wounds. There were deep marks made by three claws on his arms, legs and back. He lay down on the bed an slept a short night, haunted by nightmares.

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