Hey again!

Shit I do not get to write much anymore, life has me by the balls now and is only getting worse, I am in college now and its nothing like off the movies, probable the reason for that is that my school is attached to the back of a shitty one floor mall. Not only that but I am jobless and searching, so hopefully they place I applied for hires my broke ass.

Anyways enough bitching, whats up guys, you miss me? No haha thought so! I have been checking in every once and in awhile and I am disturbed by the fact that there has been like no post from Neko, did she died? I also have been entertained by Andrew's post for Gyps, that shit is funny! I am sorry though dude but we totally got it on........okay no we didn't, but My friend did!.......yeah no he didn't.........but you could imagine.(reference to Billy Madison) which is a great movie by the way, definitely a must see!

Now I got a question or two, first off does anyone have a Hastings store, and if so do yall's have the Hangover 2, or Hop, because ours have not released them yet, in fact there not even in the system? Its chicken shit dammit because I want to see Hop because I have not seen it yet!

Now for my second question. I do not mean to offend anyone with this question, I just want to know your opinions on the matter, do you believe 9/11 was a inside job, I never really thought much on it until I seen this video today, its on this website I will link it below so you can copy/paste it.    

I mean no disrespect to the people that lost there lives but would like to shed light to this, because it could be plausible that the government would do this for various reasons.

God bless America and Ebaums, have a great day! 
Uploaded 09/11/2011
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