Hey moderators where the fuck are you?????

Everybody knows the story about the MEGA BATTLE between Ebaumsworld and Ebaum Nation and here on your site there are people who didn't flee to another place because they were told about the big bad corporation was picking on the little millionaire (Eric). Take a look around at this blog section and WHY do you let the trollers and idiots keep tearing this place down? I have been a loyal patron of this site for many years and joined when they talked of putting in a blog section. I was proud to come on here and blog about stuff and read blogs from people who can write a hell of a lot better than myself and it was a great place to come. NOW for the first time I find myself not enjoying myself on here. I know you added the meebo thing and it is fun but we still like to blog and it is just getting rather pathetic on this site. A blog section like a garden, needs to be tended to or you end up with what is going on here now. You dont need to control people you just need to set up SOME KIND of standards, if you take down the trollers and idiots they will get tired and you will once again have a blog section that you can actually be proud of. I realize that the blog section is a Bastard child of this site but many of us only come on here to blog and to communicate with our little family. If you dont want this blog section then take it down but Please dont let it continue down this road. I was once offered a mod job but turned it down but if you need a mod who will take pride in this blog section, then I will offer my services. If not me then PLEASE pick somebody who will shut these trollers up once and for all. I dont know if you care, but you are losing people and the people who are replacing us are NOT what you are looking for.


With all due RESPECT Bohank

Uploaded 07/19/2009
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