High as Fuck

I'm high as fuck because I went to the doctor and they gave me a cough syrup called, 'Hycotuss."

It is contains a time-release dose of Hydrocodone. (Vicodin) I can take Vicodin and function fairly well but this syrup has kicked my BUTT! I took a spoonfull-and-a-half almost TWELVE hours ago and I can't think. I can't read blogs, I can't leave comments. WTF?

I'm glad to see that there are a lot of REAL blogs posted tonight. I was getting annoyed with the crap that was being written (or I guess copied and pasted) a few weeks back. I am still tired of the political blogs but I'd rather people write passionate, political rants than copy and paste a list of "20 funny things overheard at the doctor's office" or some shit.

I posted a series of Halloween Romance cartoons. It is my own work. I spent hours sketching, rendering, scanning, and shading them on the computer. I received 50 eReps for the 5 pieces of art. I will receive 50 eReps for this blog that I blurted out in a few minutes. Blogs are worth too many points.

I need to go. My brain is more messed up than a homeless guy's toenails. If you have a cough, ask your doctor if 'Hycotuss' is right for you.


Uploaded 10/29/2008
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