High Class Masturbation

A few days ago (I believe it was Saturday) this guy comes into the Electronics department. I ask him if I can help him.

"Yea, son, I want that there camera in your sales flier."

"The Polaroid?" I ask. Yes, It's true, I'm so much of a badass I memorize the electronics section of the sales paper. You don't get to be head of a department by slacking off.

"Yea, that one," He says.

"Sir, We never got that camera in."

"Never got it in? That's false advertising, I'll sue you!" He says. Now, I take this as a joke. Obviously.

I offer him a reduced price on another model of camera, but he refuses, and claims he doesn't buy off-brands. Well shit, guy, are you trying to prove you're high class or somethin?


A few days later he proved just how high class he was. That's right, he wrote into corporate complaining about how we didn't have the camera.


keep in mind, this is strictly from memory:

"The service was good, I suppose, and at the least the salesmen was friendly enough. I believe his name tag said Sparks158. I was told that the store had not recieved the camera in question, and he offered me a cheaper camera, one which I had never heard of. Of course, my wife was moaning with pleasure in the background, so I couldnt really hear the guy talk. So I turned around to ask her to kindly shut the fuck up, and lo and behold, she's masturbating listening to this guys voice!..."


Yea, thats really all I remember about the letter to corporate. It might have been slightly different.




Uploaded 12/23/2008
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