Hill Hypocracy and Just Plain Stupidity.

On one hand you have the Obama administration allowing full liberalization of Mexican trucks rolling into the US, while trucks from Canada are detained at US border crossings.

So in his wisdom, Obama allows the free wheeling trucks from war torn Mexico known for it's drug and weapons problems, not to mention human smuggling and trafficking, while Canadian transport trucks are held up. To add insult to injury, Canadians can't even enter the US without a passport anymore.

This is considered good leadership by your "Smart" President? This is good for the security of the USA?

Meanwhile Sen. Rand Paul is detained by local police from going to session because of a glitch in the body scanners at the airport. There was some odd looking ring around his leg that showed up in the scanner. Rand lifted his pant leg to show there was nothing there and offered to be rescanned. However, the TSA wanted to do a full body feel up on the Senator.

This is what Carney said, "I think it is absolutely essential that we take necessary actions to ensure that air travel is safe."

LIKE WTF? How the hell does Senator Rand Paul pose any threat to air travel? These idiots are running your country. How do you Americans just sit there and take it? Are you all going to wait until this stupidity blows up in your face?

Seriously guys, I would need to be bleeding from the brain to even come close to this type of moronic thinking!!!


Uploaded 01/23/2012
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