Hip-Hop is Literally Gay!!!!

I was watching the Boondocks the otherday ( by the way best show ever!!!) and it was the episode "the story of Ganstalicius pt.2" it was about how the rapper named ganstalicius was gay but did not want to atmid it, even though his clothing line was all squirts bra's and other girly and gay things.... and it got me thinking " man there is a lot of aspects in the hip hop world that should be considered gay..." so here is what I noticed....

Exhibit A:

the rapper Souljaboy has prety much become a sensation although i know many people who like hip-hop and agree with me that souljaboy should not be considered a rapper and let along an "artist" but anyway...

 i noticed that his, and I quote "songs" are crank dat spider man, crank dat batman,crank dat superman and i noticed this son of a bitch likes to rap about men in tights!!!!!

and he doesnt want women on him so he scares them away by yelling YAHHHH!!!

Exhinbit B

Rapper 50cent has been some wat succsessful but i noticed that someone who is not an athlete or a body builder whos job requires no physical activity,can get any woman he wants no matter what he looks like and still works out that much ,is defenatly GAY!!!!!!

Exhibit C:

Rapper Kanye West. anyone who wears those fucking glasses  that are white purple pink red blue and what not is so Fruty that tucan sam wanted him to make him into a cereal... and if you make a song about dimond that are not on your chain is so gay that elton john wanted to be in the remix ( by the way eltyon john is the best)

so what heve we learned??? rap is gay in every aspect... you know how the trend of wearing your pants low started???? it was started by prisoners in jail who would wear their pants low so the other inmates would check them out and have sex with them.... also the fact that pink is now a thug color is the most gayest thing ive ever seen in my life!!!! the other day i saw a group of guys at my school talking for more than 10 minutes about their sneakers or shoes, i mean you might as well get a penis and put it in your mouth.... and if you actually have more jewlry then the nearest woman to you get aother penis and put it in your ass!!!!!

i have nothig agaist gay people i believe that love knows no boundaries, i personally am not gay.... but i do  have something against people who say they are "gangstas" when in reallyty they are just copying some one else on something that is gay and dont even have the intellegence to look at what they are copying...


Quin of King   

Uploaded 06/09/2008
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