HisHolynesDPope Needs our Help

When I first came across the Ebaum's World member HisHolynesDPope, I figured he was just your average noob troll.

Then I checked out his profile:

7000 media watched, ZERO uploads.  I didn't like him at first.  His primary mission in life seemed to be rating media "one star", and thumbing down comments like there was no tomorrow.

Then I noticed he had added 54 uploads to his "Favorites" list.  I thought checking out his favorites would give me an insight into his character.  Did it ever.  Every item has to do with homosexuality, or male ass (please verify this for yourself).

This is when the alarm bells started going off telling me something was wrong with this kid.

Through numerous messages back and forth,  I found out that this poor kid was molested by his father for years.  When his mother finally intervened, his father only got two years in jail, plus probation.  For fucks sakes!  His father would have gotten more time if he anally raped a woman than his own son.

This tragedy affected him greatly, both emotionally, and mentally.  He started to engage in sexual activity with the family dog (I'm not going to get into the details of what he told me - but the dog has since committed suicide).

HisHolynesDPope has hit rock bottom.  He told me that he has no friends, is ridiculed at school, his mom blames him for what happened with his dad, and the rest of the family pets won't go anywhere near him.  All this accompanied by his mild mental retardation is becoming too much for him to handle.

What we have here my friends is a fellow ebaum's user who is crying out for help.  I'm afraid that this poor kid is very close to falling off the ledge.

I know I don't usually write serious blogs like this, but please, if you could find it in your heart, send a kind word to this poor kid.

We might be all he has left.



Uploaded 05/01/2009
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