I don't get this, but at one point in my life I thought that I did.  Here, let's review some facts:


     About two decades ago a virtually unheard of dictator marched into a virtually unheard of country.  The King of that country, not having any powerful allies, cried out for help.  The United States then saw fit to come to Kuwait's assistance and pushed Sadaam Hussein back into Iraq.  Two decades later and we are still here as of the writing of this blog.  We have never left this place.


     About a year, maybe two years ago, a virtually unheard of dict... oh hell, let me copy and paste, it would be easier that way:  a virtually unheard of dictator marched into a virtually unheard of country.   The ruler of that country had a long time Relationship with Russia, and had been seeking Statehood from them, so naturally, they asked their friend for help.  Russia then came in and pushed Georgia out of South Ossetia.  Difference?  Russia is NOT still there.  They did what they had to do and got out; and the whole world is happy.


     During the operation, however, Bush and the rest of the US Government lamblasted Russia saying what they did was "criminal".  Really?  How did what they do differ from what WE did? OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT -- They helped a friend in need, we "helped" a complete stranger, and are STILL here.  OH I know, 9/11/2001.  Ok, what about the period of time from 8/31/1990 to 9/10/2001?  Explain that?  I've asked Congressmen, Senators, Govenors, even Bush and Obama themselves, just to be ignored.  Nobody can, or at least will, explain why what Russia did was criminal, and what we did was not.....

go figure.


Chew on that....

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