hmmmmm hard choices, I think not.

the media. It tells you that there is going to be a very difficult choice come November 4th. the truth is. it's the easist choice Americans have ever had. On one hand you have Barack Obama. A man whom many believe to be a muslim man, turned Christian because he wants to win an election.  He has help pass ethics reform bills. Was a comunity organizer. Other then that, there isn't much to what he has done. He has a spotty state record, voting a bizarre "present" over 100 times. He also doesn't know when life begins for a human being.  The man cannot seem to make decision, a bit of a problem in most peoples mind.  But now for the important part of him. Where he see's the Country going. He is going to raise taxes, which is a very needed thing if done correctly. If he raises taxes, and helps pay off the national debt of a few trillion dollars, America's chances of entering a depression greaty decrese.  however, the chances of him doing that, slim to none.  He wants to lead America in a none millitary way. encouraging negotiations, not flexing millitary muscle.  He has been attacked for not taking a hard stand against Russia right away. The truth there though is, right now Bush is the commander-in-chief, not Barack. Therefor if he came out and made a statement too soon or to heavy, he could get blamed for making America look bad. In the end Barack stands for something America has not been. He is American, but the farthest thing from the American Image.

now I'm not at all conservative. I am very very very Liberal.  Which leds me to there Hero known as John McCain.  he's just that, a war hero.  watching the political conventions, he has no change, he is more of the same which has made America what it is today and Barack's story possible.  Republican's ar hard to argue against because they are right on the issues they care about. It's hard to be critical of them because of thier point of view, and once you really see  it and look at it through there lens, I actually agree with them more then I thought I ever would.  In thier view, it's survival of the fitist.  In there view if you fail it's your own fault. You fall down great one less person to have to compete against.  This only becomes a problem when people decide to care about those who fall down, the old, the mentaly ill, and handicaped.  The Idea that is Republican, is one that works when no one cares about those who fail, only when you care about those who fail, does it no longer work.  However now though, the Man who wants to run this part of support the richer, down with the poor.  He is where I see many problems.  He is 72, battled Cancer 3 times, and was a POW.  first of all anyone who was a POW should NEVER be allowed to run for any kind of position of power, those men just do not have a functioning mind.  He's a man who some Military high ups wouldn't want to have his finger on the trigger cause he would pull it very quickly.  I also am happy Russia invaded Georgia now and not when he becomes president because if he was we would be in WW3.  So in the end, McCain will win, but we can only hope he isn't on top for long so the younger, more conservative, will win.

Uploaded 09/04/2008
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