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Long ago we lost the real meaning of Christmas and yes I mean Christmas not XMAS. The end of October is when the barrage of consumer "you must have it now" or the "BIG SALE" that will end on Monday so the new one can start on Tuesday CRAP! It just amazes me how people get so angry and stressed out over something that is supposed to mean the Birth of Jesus, the ultimate of laid back dudes. I heard about the lady who got drug behind a car when a fight started over a damn parking space, it was Walmart crying out loud they will have your junk in stock.

I dont want you to think that I am immune to this stuff but something I learned a long time ago about gift giving

1) Kids will play with the box the toy came in.

2)Those hours of shopping will turn into 10 minutes of tearing the paper off

3) Most Teenagers will NOT be happy regardless of what you buy them.

4)You will finish paying the gifts off in about a year if you are lucky

5)The booze will run out way before your family knows its time to leave.

6)Chances are nobody will even mention its the celabration of the birth of Jesus.

Now these are but  few of the more obvious things about Christmas and now I will tell you what I learned, look around your neighborhood or church (if you go) and find someone down on their luck and give them something forChristmas and I bet this year it wont be hard to find somebody down on their luck. I started doing this about 5 years ago and not only does it make somebody feel special it gives you a chance to give something back instead of taking. I have bought bikes and coats and gift cards for food, just do something for somebody besides your self.

I now return you to your self centered life........


Thanks for reading Bohank

PS Keep Christ in Christmas

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