Holy GORE GASHING shit!!!!



OK, you want a movie that will make you squirm, and turn away?  Try this on for size....


Eschel wrote a blog about liking movies that are "out there".  OK, how about this one...


I signed up for netflix recently, I haven't been a member in quite a while, and only joined back up for the "Watch Instantly Online" feature of the site... I was browsing the available selections and came across, in the horror genre, a movie called.... SEED.


I watched this movie and was AMAZED and how far they pushed the line of "gore" and torture.  and the first minute alone, will have you wondering how PETA never bitched about the opening scene of this movie.


This will not be a spoiler, I only want to explain a few scenes that have nothing to do with the plot of the film, which was weak anyway.


Right away, let me tell you that this movie is not great.  It is barely even watchable, from a "good movie" standpoint, but it is worth watching just to see how far they are willing to go in some scenes. 


Here are my 3 favorite (or least favorite) scenes from this movie.


1.  During the opening sequence, a boy with a leather "Texas Chainsaw" type mask on, is watching a video, of a dog being killed.  That's all, no big deal, but it looks REAL AS SHIT.  They are stepping on this dogs neck and kicking it violently, and it's eyes are bulging out... looks brutal, and not fake in the slightest.  How did PETA not jump all over this?  I agree, fuck PETA, but still, you expect them to protest this kind of stuff... It goes on for a little longer than is comfortable.


2.  This part I actually had to mute the laptop for, and I ended up going inside to roll a joint, and by the time I was finished, it was over.  Sorry, just couldn't stomach it.  It is a series of videos that the cops are watching that were sent to them by the killer.  They show different "alive" creatures, dying alone in a small room, or dungeon.  Starts off with a beetle, then a rat, then a dog... Time Lapse dying until decomp and completely being eaten by maggots and other rodents... bid deal, which is what I thought, until they got to the video of the baby.

A little boy maybe 12 months old, crawling around this room, and then crying.... crying and screaming and crawling around in time lapse... This scene, once again is far too long to be comfortable.  It goes on maybe 5 to 7 minutes, with this poor kids screaming through the entire scene.  Fucking brutal.  I never saw the part where he finally falls silent, but I came back in time to see the time lapse decomp down to the skeleton...


3.  This is most brutal scene of all.  The killer has a lady tied up to a basic kitchen chair.  She is blindfolded, and has no significance in the movie.  Her arms are taped down and the killer is walking around her slowly.  He has a club claw roofing hammer.  For those who don't know what a roofing hammer is, google it.

It starts off slow enough, he is just lightly tapping her in different places with the hammer.  Tapping her nose, her cheek, the back of her neck.  She squirms and hollars at the right times... then he starts getting a little rougher with the hits.  You start to see bruising and blood trickling down her face... no big deal... except for the time that it takes for this to happen.  This goes on a good 4 or 5 minutes... he gets rougher and meaner with the hits... her face starts getting bloodier and blood starting spattering on the wall, as he starts WHACKING away at her from different angles. At this point she stops the hardcore screaming and struggling, most likely going into shock.

Now here's where it gets creepy... you can tell the instant, and I mean, THE INSTANT that it switches to cgi... but HE CONTINUES TO WHACK AND POUND HER.... over and over, running from different angles to whack off the side of her face... and though the CGI is pathetic, you still can't help but watch... thinking... "When will this end???"

He keeps going.... WHACK WHACK SMACK THUD.... hammering and swinging for another 3 or 4 mintues... her movements are slight, but still suggesting that she is alive... it gets so brutal that at the end, he runs at her from the right and whacks the entire top of her skull clean off showing brainage... and as a last effort, he stabs the hammer, handle side down, into her brain, leaving it sticking out like the spoon in a bowl of chunky soup (remember that commercial?  or was it chili?)


Anyway... I must once again state that this movie is NOT GREAT.  I don't want PM's saying "I watched that movie and it sucked... asshole"...


I am Hunterdad, and I thank you for being gored with me....

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