Home School


home school sounds great on paper. Sure, you get that face to face education that cant be beat. You get that one on one, hey you dont understand something? Im right here I can answer it! And yah, its nice that you just roll out of bed and youre ready for school. I was home schooled from 3rd to 10th grade, and let me tell you first hand, Im against it.

Let me tell you why:

You can only learn as much as your parents know or have patients to teach, then you pretty much learn how to work the system and only learn as much as you want.

It kills your social skills. You see the same people day in day out, its family, you wont learn how to deal with assholes and low lifes.

You dont learn how to deal with the real world. Maybe it keeps you clean and away from the bad shit in the world, but what happens when you get thrown into it? Let me tell you first hand its not pretty.


I had such a social stigma, I wouldnt want to go out in public, just because it would lead me to having to talk to people. Please new parents, I beg you, do not home school your kids. Maybe for the first couple years, but after that public or private schools. Home school = bad. The end.

Uploaded 08/29/2010
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