Homeland security finally hits home

I knew years ago that Homeland security crap was going to affect me one way or the other.

I went to the Florida DMV to replace my driver's license cause it has seen better days. As of January, 2010, Florida was forced to have new rules regarding getting a license issued, even if you already have one and want to replace it. They want me to show either a passport, birth certificate, or a citizenship certificate, among other things.

But I don't have my citezenship certificate because it was stolen by a roommate about 12 years ago when I was living in N.Y. In order for me to get one, I would have to drive for 2 and a half hours north to Tampa to apply for a certified copy, and it costs $380.00...I also have to spend over 60 dollars in gas to get there and back.

I even provided them the original copy of my DD-214 discharge paper from the Navy, but that's not good enough. So being a veteran does not qualify me to drive a car.

The strange part is that I was allowed to renew my registration to my personal vehicle without showing my Driver's license. hmmmmm.....Mixed up nonsense, I say.

It's a good thing my licence is good till May of 2014. Hopefully by then, I'll be out of FloriDUH for good and be living In sunny, and less hot and humid San Diego.

I showed the lady at the DMV my Class "A" licence meaning I had to go through strict Federal guidlines to pass the test in order to drive 52 foot tractor trailers across the country, DD-214, social security card, hack license in a neighboring county, vehicle registration, automobile insurance papers, and other materials, but it wasn't good enough. They even have a file of my license in their computer with my picture!....WTF?

It's a bunch of BS if you ask me.

Uploaded 05/06/2010
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