Homeless experience

I was walking down the street and a man about in his late 40s came up to me. He was in ragged clothes and old ratty shoes. He was dirty from head to toe. He walked up and asked me if i had any spare change. I reached into my pocket n relized i only had a 20 on me. But i relized that this man obviously need it more than i did so i gave him the 20. he said thank you and as a turned to walk away a man come up to me and says how much did u giive that man. I was a little puzzled why this man cared and a answered twenty dollars. The man said that the homeless man was helping me in a study and that i was the first person all day to give this man money. so he reached into his pocket n put a folded up bill in my hand as he shook my hand and walked away. When i unfolded it the man gave me 50 dollars!!! so i learened in this experience that god worksin in mysterious ways and you never know who you could be helping.

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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