homework for ebombs.

I have a little assignment for each person on here. Everyone open your word processor and quick without putting much thought into it make a list of 10 things you hate about people and 10 things you love about people. Next week I'm making a follow up blog and I'll tell you what the list will reveal.

So I went to this microbrewery supporting store, bought a bunch of really strange beers. As an aspiring brewer, I kind of knew about those weird things you can mix in with your brews. I have yet to see fruit and honey meed. That said, I found one made with coffee, pretty good, one made with bananas, also good, right now I'm drinking one that has some licorice. I also got this one bottle (so expensive im not saying) with a alcohol content of 20%. Needless to say it was gross. Today my beer is done in the fermenter. I still have to bottle and wait for it to carbonate/get stronger. Some people sprinkle yeast into the actual bottle to increase the carbonation and alc content they say. Not sure but I'm afraid to try it right now, I really don't want exploding bottles of beer in the pantry.

On another topic, found a new game that I WAS addicted to, but for now I'm honestly kind of over it, still play if I get the time though.  If you have the time check out the game "minecraft". I can't tell you about it. I don't even know why it's addictive, or amazing... but it is. The free version sucks. The problem is you have to just invest and get the real deal game. I promise you wont be dissapointed. Just watch a couple tutorial videos, play for about 15 mins and you'll be hooked.

New blog coming out if you haven't seen my "diary's" blog then check it out. I got this old diary from a friend of a friend who has a hook up with this monk that lives in a cave. Pretty wild story they'll be coming out monthly, strangely he requested the last day of each month, so be it. Go rate up my wifeys blogs or ill butt rape you.

Damn why is it so hard to quit chewing tobacky. I want one every couple hours now. I went and got my teeth cleaned today, first time in two years. GOD damn it hurt. You get that feeling where you can actually feel the separation between each tooth you know? Fuck this im going to go take a nap

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