Homosexual encounters of the third kind

Jack was buried balls deep in Lee's tight asshole. Lee was flattened on the bed face down as Jack drove his 9" cock deep into the bowels of his lover. Lee's ass moved under Jack but Jack's strength and drive kept Lee pinned under him. Jack's powerful buttocks clenched and unclenched as he pummeled Lee's ass. Jack's thick cock drove into Lee and then retreated until only the head remained in Lee's rectum. Lee felt the powerful shaft drive in and out of the anal passage like a piston causing Lee to cry out."Oh God your cock is so thick in my ass, so deep. Oh fuck yeah, fill me with your big dick. Cum in me, I want your spunk shooting in my ass," Lee exclaimed Jack continued to fuck the shapely firm ass of his lover driving his cock into the warm recess.

 Jack sensed his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that within minutes he would cum in Lee's hot ass. Jack felt the pressure in his scrotum just before he unleashed a torrent of semen into the shapely firm ass underneath him. Jack felt Lee's anal muscles tighten around the shaft and squeeze every ounce of spunk out of it."Oh shit, I feel it. I love it when you cum in my ass. I love your hot seed flooding my ass," Lee cried out.Jack stayed hard and he slowly fucked Lee's ass as the semen coated his shaft.

Lee sensed that Jack was up for another round and whispered, "Jack if you are going to keep fucking my ass let's roll on our sides."Jack rolled to his side keeping his cock in Lee's ass as he pulled Lee to the side. Jack's hands wrapped around and caressed Lee's body. Jack ran his hands over Lee's breasts and tight abs as they moved toward Lee's pubes. The back of Jack's hand brushed against Lee's erect cock causing Lee to gasp."Please hold me and jerk me," Lee pleaded.Jack took hold of the 6" cock of his girlfriend's younger brother and stroked it as he fucked Lee's ass again. Jack was not interested in another man's cock but he didn't mind jerking off Lee and he loved to see Lee shoot.

Lee had an amazing capacity for ejaculations. Lee would have volcanic like orgasms when he came and his semen would shoot four or five feet at times, particularly with his first orgasm of the day.Jack kept fucking Lee until they both came. Lee came twice before Jack came in Lee's ass a second time. The first time Lee ejaculated his cum shot passed his face and hit the headboard. The second time he came his seed hit him in the face and neck. Then Jack lost it and dumped another powerful load in Lee's ass. The two of them rested on their sides as Jack's cock slowly deflated and slipped from Lee's asshole. By the time they were ready to get out of bed their spunk had dried on Lee's body.

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