Honest Opinion

Ok, I want some advice, and from what some blog comments give, I'm willing to see what the outcome is for this.

So, lately I've been falling for one of my close friends (really akwards on account hes falling for his ex-fiance.) But, for some reason, I'm also falling for a friend that lives really far away. The one that is falling for his Ex, seems not even to notice me, unless were drunk. The other who lives far away, He used me once and for some reason, I'm falling for him again.

The guy that is falling for his Ex, I don't have a clue why he is, she walked out on him at the alter. Yet for some reason he doesn't notice me at all, it's like i am invisible. I don't know if it's because, he doesn't care, doesn't understand, or something else.

The guy that lives pretty far away, well he used me once for own pleasure then decided to get back with his girlfriend who is only turning 18 this year (he's 27) but what i don't understand is, am i turning into one of those people who just does meaningless sex, and happens to want more of it? Or do i actully have feelings for this dude?

If you got an opinion, please tell. I apperciate it thanks.

Uploaded 09/27/2008
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