Hookahs and all their glory

I have tried a variety of smoke in my time. Nothing as heavy as meth, heroin or anything of that nature but I have been around the block. All the standards. Cigarettes, Cigars, dead babies, weed, salvia and of course my cremated uncle.


My favorite of recent times is the hookah. if any of you don't know what a hookah is, it is very similiar to a bong (fuck man, we're on many of us HAVEN'T seen a bong before?) in the way that the smoke filters through water. You put the tobacco at the top in the head, put aluminum foil over it, stick a hot coal on top, and suck through a hose. Yeah...that big hard hose...mmm.


Now I know what your saying. " Wait godly! No what is so great about this fangled device if you said you smoke tobacco out of it?" Well I'll tell you sweet, sweet simpleton. I'll tell you.


It's great because it fucking owns. Period. Another Period. the tobacco you put in it is flavored, and not like the way a "grape blunt" is flavored where you sort of have to imagine the taste, which for some reason gets easier the more you smoke it...hmm imagine that.  This motherfucker is GRAPE. You blow out grape kool aid in the form of smoke and it is...well it's just great to quote the great Tom Tucker from family guy. 


Another wonderous reason for this even more wonderous device is that it attracts alot of attention. My house is at school constantly has people who want to smoke. And ya know what the best part is? Sure ya can! one condition, grass, ass or money. No one gets a hit for free. 


So in short, hookah=awesome money tree of happiness and good humor


I am thegodlyone and I am about to go get lung cancer

Uploaded 08/05/2010
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