Hooray for rapture

So it's time again for a doomsday prophecy. I hear they think it's Saturday this time, due to...some bad math and ambiguous prophecies that were badly translated? I don't know. But I'll tell you what Christians, I'm with you. I want you to be raptured. go be with your silly incompetent distant god of dirty tricks and leave the earth to the sane and reasonable. I'd be thrilled to be left here. unfortunate that the rapture isn't coming of course, and all we'll have are some disappointed Christians...which will also make me happy.
Hey what if I'm wrong? I'm sure you're wondering. Well I have plenty to ask god about that, such as: 'why were you so bad at communicating? what kind of god is deliberately vague and full of errors? if you wanted me to know something you had the power to tell me didn't you? Don't say you were testing my faith, that's the kind of shit a human would say. aren't you better then us? why should I trust you if you're just a spooky incompetent invisible man?' the whole mess reeks of human creation.
So let the hate begin.
Uploaded 05/19/2011
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