He sat, stared, and couldn't believe. All these years watching that strong woman provide food, shelter, safety; all whithered down to this. An unstoppable force too tiny to see brought his world crashing down.


Shaun sat in his mother's ICU room, watching the dust dance in the God's Rays gleaming through the window. Eighteen hours, no sleep, no food, no rest, non-stop moving as the doctors tried to make her more comfortable. It was beginning to take its toll on his body. He was exhausted, but he knew he couldn't risk falling asleep. Not yet at least. He knew this day was coming. For years, Chrones Disease had weakened her joints, destroyed her digestive tract, and broken her spirit. Remicade had worked for a while. Unfortunately, she built up an immunity and the drugs affect had declined. It left her weak and every fiber of her being inflamed.


He had no idea what he was going to do. She was there for everything. The pain he's feeling now, so intense. Too intense. The doctors say there isn't much time. The only thing they can do can induce a chemical coma and make her as comfortable as possible. He knew the day was coming, the day he could no longer hold on to the hope that things would be different. The day he would bury his world 6 feet under. The day his Earth will stand still....

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