This one may be a little scattered so bare with me..........I hear all the time about how our economy is doing better or is it worse today? Who can tell which report will be released to justify yet another "story". I think our disappointment in our situation is caused by, that for the first time our kids may not do better than their parents. I think it really is that simple but what we forget is success in our terms is measured by MONEY!

Think about how fast life comes to the kids of today cell phones, computers, tv on your person and in your car, and creativity. Someone has to be taking us to these high speeds and it seems they do it without effort. I hear people say we should not care about our politicians because there is nothing we can do. Maybe if we hadnt done this in the first place we wouldnt be saying why bother and we wouldnt be leaving them the mess we are in. Hope is out there people it's in our youth and although it is so easy to write kids off it is these kids, we are quick to dismiss that are racing by us at the speed of "life" and they arent ready to throw the towel in. Kids today are voting more often and its their world to build lets not stop trying just yet. I am happy to say I have raised one of these young kids who WILL make a difference, she just has IT but I still dont know how to describe "IT". Maybe just maybe she will measure success by contribution instead of the dollar.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 10/29/2009
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