Hopeless: The Brutal Ugly Truth

Image a muscular, independently wealthy man armed with a sharp knife.

Now imagine him, with all his might, punching a petite, defenseless woman to unconsciousness.

He mounts her.

As she starts to regain consciousness, the mad man forces a long, sharp knife in her soft neck, severing her jugular, causing blood to erupt all over her punctured neck, face, and torso.

Shit just got real.

Seconds from death, the frightened victim -- with blank, wide, confused eyes -- stares at the last thing she will see: her killer's mad eyes and scrunched-up face.

The last thing she hears is her terrified cries, muffled by a rush of blood flooding her windpipe.

In severe pain, she gurgles blood and desperately tries to push away the man who is killing her, but it's too late.

She hears his grunts. She feels his repeated jabs until the last pulse. Until the final breath.

Life escapes her. Movement stops and so does the killer.

He pulls the instrument of death out from her neck, gets up, wipes his blood-drenched hands on his shirt, and leaves. But his DNA stays.

The killing was sloppy. Evidence of a brutal stabbing is everywhere.

Now imagine that man getting caught. Police arrest arrest him and charge him with first-degree murder.

The killer is considerably rich, and his lawyer is good.

Under oath, the killer pleads not guilty. His lawyer contrives a compelling defense that stuns the prosecution.

Overwhelmed and outwitted, the prosecution folds. The defense does a brilliant job influencing the jury. Court is adjourned. Deliberation begins.

The verdict is in.

The jury finds the killer not guilty, despite overwhelming evidence.

The killer is set free, acquitted of all charges, released back into society. He successfully slipped through the cracks. The American justice system has failed and sends a remorseless killer to a problem-free life of wealth.

Now stop imaging and return to reality.

This unspeakably horrific murder and miscarriage of justice actually happened.

Does O.J. Simpson ring a bell? Of course it does.

Stop protecting criminals. Let's fix the justice system. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Make sure he wins the Republican presidential nomination. Then, vote for him again in the presidential election. Together we can do this. Spread the word. Get to the polls this coming June and vote, vote, vote!
Uploaded 01/04/2012
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