Horrible Service

So tonight my fiance and I decided to head out to eat instead of cooking in. After debating some of our favorite restaurants, we settled on Applebees. Right out of the gate, when the server came out, I knew he was new. How could I tell? He was awkward at the table, wrote orders with a sharpie, AND wrote everything out. (Us veteran servers know that FF stands for french friends, C is for coke, MD for mountain dew, etc)


When the server left, I looked at my fiance and told him that I would be very lenient when it came to this server simply because I am a waitress and I know how it is to be new. I ordered a strawberry lemonade which had to be made at the bar. Fine. Too bad that I was in view of the bar the whole time and watched it as it melted. It was 15 minutes before I even receieved my drink. My fiance and I both got the 3 course meal offer (apps, entree, and dessert). I knew straight out that as soon as our appetizers came, the entrees would be out within minutes, giving us no time to enjoy our food. What do ya know? BAM, a clusterfuck at the table. Okay, I will deal.


When it comes time for dessert (which we ordered ahead of time), he totally forgot. He asked, "Is this on one check or two?" and we just sat there and my fiance finally said, "We're not even done and we still ordered dessert." I watched as the guy darted back and forth to and from the kitchen carrying one or two items in his hand at a time. He really needed to learn how to multi-task. Other people were getting impatient around us.


So I wanted another refill (because he let us get bone dry before he even considered a refill) and asked for a box for my half-eaten entree. Guess which came first. Trick question! It was the bill. I reminded him about the refill and the box. "Oh!" he said and hurried off. When I opened the check presenter, there was no pen. Get this, when I ask him for one, he fumbles around and tells me that he doesn't have a pen. WHAT?! You, a server, doesn't have a pen?! I carry around ten and you don't have one?! So he hurries off again only to return with the box. I'm still waiting and he says "anything else?"


"Oh!" and he hurries off again. He gets me my drink and still no pen. I'm just in awe. Finally the pen comes. I leave 10% (3 dollars) because my fiance and I are generous. I was definitely considering stiffing him and that's against my waitress moral code which does speak wonders.


I would understand if the restaurant was busy but if you only have 2 tables, you need to fucking deal. That was horrible and I have to say that was the worst service I've ever had. I will never go back.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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