hospital visit for awful

about one or two weeks ago i was at work and had a bretty bad accident that required a hospital visit. see, i work for a solids contol company in the oilfield her in texas and we deal with mud and pumps and other shit like that. well, that night started like any night does with me sitting on my dead ass in my truck fucking around in the internets. i got out to do my usuall inspection round my equipment when i noticed a problem. one of my pumps was running, but no mud was coming outta the hose. fuckin hose packed off. great, now i cant sit in my truck and search for porn, i gotta do work. i go down to the pump, shut it off, close the valve and release one of the clamps that ecure the hose to the pump to let off the pressure that i know has built up. nothing. ok maybe if i wiggle the hose.........BAM! 350 degree mud hits me so hard i fall flat on my back. im covered from head to toe in hot, boiling mud. lucky for most of my body, i was wearing flame retardent cover alls. notice i said most of my body. my left hand recieved the bulk of the damage cuz it was closest to the explosion, 2nd degree burns to the top of my hand to the middle of my forearm. left side of face 1st to 2nd degree burn splotches around eye jaw and behind ear. worst of all was i got burned INSIDE MY LEFT NOSTRIL. that is a new pain i had never had before. well, long story short, go to the hospital, got bandaged up and am back at work makin money. i will probably scar on the hand, but to much dissapointment to most, my beautiful face will still be beautiful.



Uploaded 11/23/2008
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