Hot dogs are bad for you

I, on occasion, get the urge to eat shit food.  I really like sweet onions.  A good hot dog, covered in onions, dill relish, and spicy mustard really hits the spot.  The problem is, they're really bad for you.


An Oscar Mayer beef hot dog is 45 grams of food.  14 of those grams are fat.  Each dog as 147 calories in it and 123 of them are from pure fat.  For a guy in his 40s, that's a pretty bad ratio. 


I've tried the tofu dogs.  They're actually pretty good for you.  The problem is they taste like ass and their texture is unpalatable.


The turkey dogs are better, but if you look at them, they're really not much better than the beef dogs.  For the drop in quality, the reduced fat calorie:other calorie ratio isn't worth it.


I bought some Hebrew National hot dogs that are 97% fat free, 100% beef, and not fillers or colors.  They're also 45 grams each, but they're only 40 calories with 10 calories from fat. They're a little more dense than regular hot dogs, but the flavor and texture are good.


I just indulged my craving for hot dogs and I don't even feel bad about it.  The worst thing about my meal was the white bread bun.




Their only problem is cost.  They're about $1 each.  This pack cost $6.  I guess it's worth it.

Uploaded 07/28/2011
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