Hot Dogs Hot Dogs!

Decided to watch the local news with my wife this evening. The CTV National News!  I stopped bothering to follow  it about a year ago, but I was cosy on the couch with me lady and  kept watching the T.V. with her.

It started off with some entertainers coming to town because of the Junos. The journalist on the scene gave a quicky interview to some fat faced mouldy guy who said, " Blah like, yeah, it's a great opportunity to like, snork fluk dis das and split." 

Then to the main event!!! The Federal budget where they are "Slashing" 13,000 jobs! Oh the horror! The local economy is at risk, for we will lose 4,300 jobs here from, say it softly, attrition. Damn. my best customers are retired government employees. Bring it on bitch!

This story is too important to stop there! Lets go to our man on the street, Lester the hot dog vendor and get his take!
"It's good for me. Everyone is worried about their job so hot dog sales  have increased"


This actually happened on the news today. I was totally disgusted and went back to the internet to get my daily dose of the real news. 
Lester the hot dog vendor has been selling tube steaks at the epicentre of the Public service for at least 25 years. I used to frequent his stand and chat with him once in a while about twenty years ago. He drove a brand new Cadillac every year and owned a million dollar home in a affluent neighbourhood. 

Lester is very interesting and his perspective is appreciated, but  to get his take on the Federal governments budget in regards to employee cut backs seems really lame and another example of how main stream media is a total fail.

Uploaded 03/30/2012
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