Hot Tub Sex Interrupted

   I just had the worst night ever.  My wife and I decided to go out in the hot tub for some fun.  We are in the privacy of our backyard, it is nearly dark, and we're naked.  We light a few tiki torches and turn on the bubbles.  We are having some wine and discussing our day.  One thing leads to another, and we start making out. 

   Now I don't like to brag, but my wife and I are in pretty good shape.  I mean we aren't 25 anymore, but we're still pretty taught.  We can get pretty animated with our love making.  I pick her up and sit her on the edge of the hot tub.  I am kissing and teasing her slowly at first.  Then I start making my way south.  All of the sudden, I hear our neighbor messing around with her grill.  I figure it's dark so she won't be able to see anything.  I just continue.  A couple of minutes later, I notice the neighbor still watching.  She is a single gal and must be into voyeurism.  I whisper to my wife, "We're being watched."  My wife begins moaning louder when I assume my position south of the border.  As my wife is building towards the big O, she begins driving my head like a bus.  I am really getting into it now and feel the anticipation of it being "my turn".  I can feel myself saluting my wife's leg.  My erection is like a migrating salmon, pulling my entire body upstream to my wife's mommy parts. 

   Before the fun starts, a goddamn swat team busts through my back gate.  They are screaming for us to get out of the tub.  Apparently, someone heard our loud moans and called the po-po.  Worst of all, they totally ruin the mood and my wife is too mad to resume our romp.  Therefore, I had to go rub one out to some porn, which was very anticlimactic. 

   I am going to keep my eye on the neighbor.  The next time she is all cozied up in a Jell-o bath with someone, she might get surprised.     

Uploaded 01/21/2010
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