Hound's Tooth

For those who are not up to date with fashion terminology the above dress pattern is known as, houndstooth.  I would like to sink my jowls into that fabric.

I am the proud owner of a beagle and jack russel mix. He is cute, loving, smarter than a troll and has a rather nasty habit or flair for underwear design. Depending on how you look at it.

He likes to create new underwear designs using my own exclusively. As a result I had to buy a new batch so that he could continue on his creative spree with my already stressed used pedigree.

Today I noticed he created an entirely new line using my freshly purchased and laundered pairs of dainties. The ass was carefully nibbled away and the seams that cradle my balls were removed.

Not being one to criticize without further investigation, I decided to be adventurous and try this never before seen creation in under garments.  The removed ass covering was rather refreshing. My underwear were appreciatively lighter. Perhaps the future design for elitist athletes, looking for that unseen advantage?

The removal of seams from the ball sack area, however, was not quite as successful. For a working man, the constant shift of leg positions caused my balls to shift either to the right or the left of what little fabric my hound felt was reasonable. Perhaps I should show my balls to him so that he would have a better hold on the situation? Of course, he might think I am making fun of him since he has been neutered. What would the Humane Society think, if I taunted him with my swinging, still attached appendages? Time will tell.

So from now on, the state and location of my tighty whities will remain a closely guarded secret, preserved from the creative juices of the houndstooth.
© 2011 Letemdangle
Uploaded 05/23/2011
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