How about one from an old guy???????????

To the new mods on here, I for one always thought creeping jennie was fair and to the point and knew when to give someone enough rope to hang them selves. All of you mods have a thankless job and a hard one that I am sure that most people do not appreciate. I have NEVER been banned or warned or anything and I think that has to do with the fact that I make a real effort to follow the rules.


I would like to give some friendly advice and I hope I am not overstepping ANY boundaries but in case you haven't noticed we are in a delicate situation with a lot of HURT FEELINGS and Ego's and then of course we have the little children coming on here trying to make this a piss-poor place to be. PLEASE be patient and let the idiots fade out because they will, this is a great site and it will take some patience to bring it back to what it was before people started following around blindly defending one millionaire or another because most of us just want a place to blog. I apologize in advance if I have stepped over "THE" line but I care about this site and want very much for it to succeed. I feel mistreated by the new site but I don't go over there and make stupid comments or try to upset someones business. OK that is my two cents and keep up the good work and in closing I am asking you to pause before you delete.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 02/13/2009
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