How Army Propaganda Lures Youth Into Hell

There's been much to debate about the way army lured young people into its ranks promising them amazing things and often sending recruiters that lie about the benefits of becoming a soldier. I'm not talking about every army, of course, because, as we all know, the Australian army is the best army in the world and is more like a cool club for bad asses where everybody's cool, friendly and attractive (those are actually the requirements to join).

Since the education system in USA isn't very great and can't compete with Australian or Canadian standards, many young Americans haven't got much chance to study at a university unless their parents are rich or they get a scholarship. That's one of the reasons why so many of them join the army's ranks, basically selling their souls for education.

Not everyone's aware that once you sign up, the army can change the contract (it's written in the contract itself), and the youngster that was promised to learn engineering becomes a mechanic in some shitty third world country USA is currently at war with. But even if you get your shiny new M-16 and go through some awesome training - like learning how to pull out hearts with your bare hands or lethal fist blows to the temple. Remember the army has you and you're a part of the unit. This means you're there with OTHER soldiers and your sadistic superiors.

Let's recap. Who goes to army? Patriots and people who want free education (the intelligence). WRONG! You get those too, but you also have the degenerates that think army's gonna feed them and give them shelter, the college football star wannabes that didn't get a scholarship, fanatics and small town gay people.

Once you're a recruit, you're a rookie. The lowest ranked soldier in the base. This means the ones that aren't rookies anymore get the right to torment you. They went through this shit too, so why would they cut you some slack. Where's the justice in that? Imagine a band of soldiers greeting you rookies. They'll quickly pick out the weak ones. The college athletes are gonna become their helpers and the patriots are usually strong enough to be left alone. You're the intelligence that came here to get free education. You're the bitches. And this is basically the same as in prison. Prepare your anus, gentleman.

Are you surprised? The statistics show that 87,8 percent of the rookies were treated for rectal bleeding. Of course, who's gonna admit that they got assraped in the army? The army changes you and soon you either join the bullies or get bullied. And then there's the war. You need to cooperate with idiots (because most of the people who joined are idiots) and they can get you killed. You wanna return home but you're away for months and your wife became very fond of one of her lovers. He soon replaces you. As husband and daddy. You come back as a wreck, a mechanic instead of engineer. You freak out at and want out. But the army won't let you. At some point you get relieved and don't know what to do. The army doesn't give you much work education, so most veterans become bouncers. They do drugs. The ones that don't take steroids need to find different ways of obtaining drugs - theft or sucking dick for crack.

This is how 90% of soldier careers end. Only 10% soldiers become successful in soldiering. Have that in mind when a recruiter comes to you and promises you amazing shit if you join the army. Unless you're in Australia - you can trust everything they say then; Australian army rules. Similar with Canadian army, but it's not as cool as the Australian army. In Canadian army you don't get your butt violated, though. The rules forbid homosexual acts in the army there. There's no don't ask (why you get raped in your bumbum) and don't tell (you got raped in your bumbum) rule in the Aussie and Canuck army

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