How did i ever doubt you?

so you were all right..i got screwed over

rememer the guy i was dating? brian? well last friday i took him to my friend, chris', party. it just so turns out that chris' girlfriend went to the same high school as kelly,  brian's so called ex-girlfiend (you can already see where this is going) and she had a friend there who also went to that highschool and was still frends with kelly. apparently brian didn't know they were friends.

so that satuday i slept over my friends house and i get a call from chris sunday morning at about 10 and i was awake but we were still lying in bed. he tells me that molly's friend told him that brian never broke up with kelly and that they had even hung out the night before, brian told me he couldn't do anything because he had to work late..

so i proceeded to contact kelly and wrote her a messege pretty much explaining me and brian's relationship asking if it was true about them, she told me it was and they never broke up. then we started texting eachother and telling eachother where he really was when he'd lie to the other one of us and say he was doing something eles.

obviously i ended it with him and he was soo soo sorry lol .. i wouldn't take him back but apparently she would so they're back together, but i mean seriously she can have him

how could i ever have doubted you lovely go on..say i told ya so because i deffinatly deserve it

though honestly i have never been so shocked in my couldn't have been about the sex because we really didn't do it all that often, but we'd hang out just about everyday, and i really don't know how he still hung out with her because we were together all the time.

it really does amaze me though what he'd say to me. blatant lies..but at least i learned not to be so frikken trusting of people..i'm a very unjealous person so i was really quick to beleive him but i htink i'm gunna start getting more protective of myself infuture relationships..

so again..give it to me..i deserve it lol

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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