How does DirecTV suck? Let me count the ways! Part 2

Part 2 - See Part 1 here:

 The saga continues...


Email #1 to Customer Service. I write all of the above with the subject:  The truth about trying to upgrade to a HD Receiver. Here is the response word for word:


The truth about trying to upgrade to a HD Receiver

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Response (Venison F. - 100114586) - 12/09/2008 11:05 AM


Thanks for writing and letting us know your concerns about the problems that you've encountered with your equipment upgrade. I see that you're one of our valued customers since 01/29/05 and would like to let you know that we appreciate your business. Let me begin by assuring you that service experiences like the one you had are rare and we certainly do not take them lightly. We're constantly reviewing our policies to ensure that we're meeting the needs of most of our customers. I understand this has been a frustrating experience for you. We respect your time and I appreciate that you've given me the opportunity to personally address your concerns. In addition, I've forwarded your email to DIRECTV's Management Team, who review every suggestion, inquiry and complaint for trends from our most

important customers to determine what changes should be considered. When I reviewed your DIRECTV account to process your request, I found that you had already called regarding this issue and that the necessary credits had already been applied to your account, so I didn't take any further action. The changes to your account will be reflected on your next DIRECTV bill or you can see them immediately by signing in at and clicking on "Activity Since Last Bill" in the Account Details Section. Your installation is set for 01/12/09 from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We're glad you're one of our loyal customers. It's feedback like yours that helps us remain America's #1 Satellite provider.

We thank you for your continued support!


Thanks again for writing.


Venison F. - 100114586

DIRECTV Customer Service


Email #2 to Customer Support: My response to their email from above:




I am not pleased with your seeming lack of concern in this matter. Did you

read the original email? I clearly stated I called back. That was the

problem. I had to CALL BACK 6 TIMES.

As for you checking the account to see that credits were issued OF COURSE THEY WERE ISSUED. Did you think I was going to pay for 4 HD Recievers one of your reps added by

mistake? So basically you are telling me that since you corrected the

mistakes YOU made I do not deserve anything else for having to call your

customer support 6 TIMES now? And dragging this out over two days?


I am contemplating moving to Dish Network. Maybe they can get me an HD

Reciever without spending hours on the phone. They certainly couldn't do any



 And their response:

Response (Ashley B ID U9996) - 12/10/2008 04:31 AM



Thank you for writing. I am very sorry to hear about your service experience when you call. I completely understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience experienced in this matter. While an adjustment may be made to an account as needed for a billing correction, they are unavailable if the billing correction has already been made.


However, I can certainly appreciate your concerns in this matter, and am truly apologetic for your experience. I have gone ahead and added two months of complimentary SHOWTIME to your account. We hope you enjoy your free programming.


We're happy to have you as a loyal DIRECTV customer and we look forward to providing you service for years to come.


Thanks again for writing; we appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns.




Ashley B.


DIRECTV Customer Service

Honestly, I cannot make this stuff up. As noted by everyone I talked to on the phone I have been a loyal customer since 2005. So, basically I got Free S&H and Free Showtime. Customer service is not what it used to be.


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