How fucked up is the canadian court system?

  Alright this has a little back story.  So September of 2007 my wife and I are sitting on the couch watching a Movie at home.  Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary as far as we knew.  Something catches my attention out the window, and I notice there are tonne of police lights flashing.  You have to understand that the front of my house has a nice picture window in the room that we call our living room and I can see the street from there.  It also happens that I parked my car right out in front of my house that night, and when I looked closer at my car, I noticed a pile of glass on the ground by the front passenger door.  When I come out of my house I run into the police right away and let them know that it's my car that's been vandalized.  Basically Joseph Ian Hanlon, whom I have never met face to face as far as I know, had been at first trying to pry my door open with his fingers.  Someone saw this and called the police right away.  A couple minutes later he got bored of pulling on the top of my door and got a rock to throw through the window.  The police had shown up less then a minute after the rock went through the window and grabbed Joseph.  The damage to my car was a window, paint damage to the door, damage to the bent door frame (he actually bent the door out about a half an inch), and the rock struck the console inside and tore the top off of it.  When I got the car repaired the bill was $850 of which my deductible was $800, nice of my insurance company for setting me up with a vanishing premium and not the $500 deductible I asked for (PC Financial Insurance, underwritten by Scottish And York).  Long story shortened, Joseph told the police that he did in fact break the window because I had given him a ride and he had stuff in the car and had no idea what house I'd gone into.  So he out right admitted to damaging the car.  Now to the court case.  The first court date was literally less then a month after I had started a new job, and I felt bad asking for the day off, but I did anyways, feeling ti was my duty, even if I hadn't seen anything.  Originally the case was supposed to be at 10am, and we all hoped I'd be back for work in the afternoon.  This didn't happen.  The case wasn't heard until 3:30pm, and I never made it back to work that day.  To top it all off Joseph didn't even show for the case.  The Judge summarily charged him with the offense since he didn't even have the decency to show up for the case, and said everything was over and done with.  Wouldn't that have been nice?  About a month later I got served again for the case, and asked if I could produce documentation showing how much and what damage was done to the car.  I supplied the bill from Marcel's and left it at that.  I guess Joseph's attorney got the judge's decision overturned somehow and we were goign back for the trial again.  The second tiem I needed to take a day off work was January 2009, can't remember the exact day.  This time I took the entire day off to be safe.  And lo and behold, Joseph didn't show AGAIN.  The Judge once again charged Joseph and issued a warrant for his arrest, AGAIN.  I just had a policeman serve me to come to court YET AGAIN for this case.  Seriously WTF?  I've already taken 2 days off work and this dick hasn't shown up yet.  What makes anyone think he's going to show up this time?  and even if he did HE ALREADY ADMITTED TO THE DAMAGE!  why is this so hard to work out?  I am now done ranting...

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