How Gay Americans have Sex

After a hard day's work, the typically gay American goes to a school yard. He makes sure nobody sees him there, by hiding in the bushes and that it's in a part of town where he is not likely to be recognized by CCTV cameras.

He sits there, opens a Loko  and just feels himself up for a bit. He engages in casual conversations with the  other gay men hiding in the bushes and has a few laughs. After seeing that not much is happening there and that recess is over, he gives all the other gay men a nipple twist. They all have a little laugh.

He drives all the way back to his S and M home studio while singing along to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. He orders his Philippine mail order bride to make him a sammich as he baths in semen and eats his one cup.  He then dresses in a tight black latex jump suit, (now available in rainbow colors)  holsters a cat of nine tails and wears a dog collar. His shoes are Mizuka Trannie Jet fighter specials. He goes fast burger hopping with all his potential "partners". 

When they get to a fast food joint they engorge themselves glutinously, until they get acquainted with potential "partners". After meeting one that is ready to purge his food as he is, they go to Toys R' Us.

They enter into the little boys bathroom stalls then engage in fellatio and sodomy. After the act of intercourse is over, he writes his phone number on the washroom wall and says "see ya biatch". He drives home with a satisfied grin on his face while trying not to hit crack heads. He then lays in his lair  feeling glad about being a part of the American gay scene.


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