How I got my friend to finger his sister.

Attention all.


I was retrogressing on my younger, mostly drunken years.

I recall a two girl blowjob.

-At a buddys house, whom I will not mention his name. I will refer to him as "Joe"

Drinking King Cobras at Joes house and playing guitar, when his sister (whom I'll refer to as Kindall) wonders up the wooden staircase and decides to drink with us, along with her friend (whom I'll refer to as Sandra)

Anyhow, after about 7 Snake bites, I warble off and retire to the guest room.

In my stupor I hear a clatter......"I bet you wont blow him".......I start to toss.




Minutes later two shadows appear in the door frame, these are friendly shadows because they start to blow me, I am happy.


During Kindall and Sandra's removal of chrom off the trailer hitch I see another shadow in the door frame, I think "wow...some where along the line I said something right"...I could never be so wrong.

The shadow sinks the oak floor, I hear the timbers rattle under the weight of the creeping person. Joe appears bed right and watches Kindall and Sandra, although he does not know his sister is blowing me. In my drunken stage of genius I start a thumb war with Joe. I lose, but in a fair fight I ( my drunken genius) Put Joes hand on Kindalls ass, and start to chuckle.


Joe, who is also drunk does not know, or notice from voice that his sister is in the room.

Kindall (joes sister) realizes that both my hands are behind my head and wonders "gee...who could be trying to finger my ass?" and verbally announces "Hey!! Don't do that", just then...all hell breaks loose. Joe shouts "Kindall!?" and she replies "JOE!?" and I, again in my drunken genius, start to laugh. They both bolt out of the room shouting. I look down at Sandra and say "What?". Any-how, Sandra finishes her work and tosses off to bed and I do the same. This is how I got my friend to finger his sister. I promise....I can't make this shit up.


A few days later I returned to Joes house, He was cold to me...which I agree with. In the other hand, I start nailing his sister on a regular basis.

Even though I lost the thumb war, I win the battle.



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