How I Owned Grampa

As some of my readers may probably know, my grampa is the owner of a car dealing company and has car salons around the world. Recently, during a small party I joked that gramps would give me one of his cars from his collection (he collects rare sports cars) for my 18th. Since he probably tried to keep his face and act cool about it in company, he said he's going to give me a car sold in one of his car salons if I receive max notes in at least 3 subjects at the end of the year report.

Since everyone sounded amused, I replied with "May I get the Peugeut 508? If I'm supposed to study hard, it better be worth it." The coot was probably in a great mood or maybe wanted to act bad ass in company because he said sure. I took the opportunity to turn it into a joke and replied with a giggle and a "I want it on paper" to which he said of course, acting like a try hard to sound like someone cool. I took out a piece of paper from my purse and started writing reading out loud so everybody thought it's part of a joke. Basically, he was in a check mate and had to sign that he'll gift me with a Peugeot 508 series car if I get 3 High Distinction (Aussie equivalent of A's) notes and countered with a "I can sign this because I'm assured it's highly unlikely of you to get nice grades" (stupid jack ass). I smiled acting like it was supposed to be a joke and already started planning.

What that dumb ass doesn't know is that today's subjects are mostly easy shit. I don't know what he had in school (probably sword fighting and attacking castles), but nowadays there's classes like music (which I excel in) and other easy peasy stuff. I keep hitting on the P.E. teacher so I have the second HD guaranteed. The tough part is the 3rd class. Since it was impossible to choose Japanese as the extra language at that point and I suck in German, I'd have to go for a different approach. 

The biology teacher's son is a uni student in the same area and is giving private tutoring, so that was my key. I paid a lot of cash for tutoring and kept coming to their house for the extra studies, befriending that old witch that teaches biology. It's amazing, but I'm like her fave student ATM. I receive the questions for the short tests and discuss them before the test takes place. Basically, I have the car in my pocket, so I have to play it cool. As for the car...

I'm not sure how jealous you are from hearing the name alone, so here's a pic of one:


It's a line of French cars known for it's refined looks and excellent design. This blog is dedicated to the losers who live in their parent's basement and aren't as cool and smart as me.

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