How I think you could survive against zombies.

I had to join in. If there is going to be a zombie apocalypse, going to a prison would be a tad silly. Yes a prison has high walls and fences for protection, yes it may keep the zombies out, but it also keeps you in. Quite a few prisons are in densely populated areas or near enough to them, do you think said zombies will allow you to make your base before attacking the fort you made in the prison they wouldn't -as in all likely hood they would already be in the prison and the surrounding areas. Even if the prisoners were not infected and didn't want your brains already, do you think they would give up there now ironic "safe haven" not to mention it will be full of love struck murderers, pedo's and all sorts of evil doers who would be more than capable of ripping you a new asshole before the zombies can eat it. The prison guards may well have fled, or think it is a good idea to stay in the prison and may defend it also. The more people in the prison, the more it starts turning into a buffet, and the more zombies come to dinner.

     In my opinion staying in a city or any other densely populated area is a very bad idea, I would get my ass some supplies then book it out of Dodge to the most sparsely populated region I could find, and even then don't stay there too long, the logic in this? One, the less people around, the less prey for the human flesh eating fellows to hunt, so they may not be there in any great numbers, so you can clear house and set up shop. And two, there maybe be several factors in what keeps a zombie animated, but I would suggest sustenance of flesh would be a factor in it. If you have enough supplies to last many months, and you make your stand in a deserted part of the country the chance zombies can survive long enough to reach you from where their main prey source is, mainly cities and other densely populated areas, and get to you is slim, as if they relied on food they would starve to death.... again lol. Or the numbers who meander your way will be too few to be a problem and can be picked off more easily than if you sat in a prison and rang the dinner bell. 
     As after all if an entire neighborhood are now un-dead brain chomping monsters, you would be in a prison surrounded, it would be reminiscent of the Alamo, if the Mexicans, were dead that is -and it didn't end too well for the Texans. your supplies would not last forever, neither would the ammunition. the longer you stayed fixed in one area the more attention you would attract and the harder it would become to get more supplies or indeed try and break out once you realize you made a bit of a mistake walling yourself in. 

     Adapt to your new way of life as a nomad in deserted places, move from one sparsely populated areas to sparsely populated areas, when you are able. Never be predictable in your travels or go to the same place multiple times in a short space of time.

         The choice of weapons shouldn't be a great factor if you are using my strategy, as there will be less zombies you have to encounter and kill. Use long range rifles or any kind of firearm as keeping the zombies at arms length would be a very good idea, and due to being fewer zombies to kill the ammunition would go a long way.  
    In my opinion the key to survival would be to be adaptable, stay mobile, stay away from cities, move when you can, fight when you have too.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." Charles Darwin. 
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