How lord_infamous and White_Chocolate got famous on myspace

This blog is a copypasta of a myspace blog, from a user of ebaumsworld. I wound up on this guys profile after he replied to one of my comments on a video. He has his myspace account link on there so I checked that too. The man is 30 years old and has a porn avatar of some 100 years old naked woman taken from under her(words cannot describe the horror) and he has kids! I dont usually do this, but if you feel like laughing go ahead and read this shit, otherwise leave me a nasty comment before you leave. If youre wondering who he is heres a link to his profile


July 16, 2009 - Thursday

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eBaums is a front for people who can't make sense of the real world and therefore can't find success in the real world. They visit the site and try to fit in by trying to have the best insults. They are able to maintain a meger social existance at eBaums as a substitute for real human contact. They often ostricise the 'faceless' (people who comment on content while still using the default avatar) as an outlet for the suppressed anger that they feel for being ostricized by their peers.

In essence, they are a faction of outsiders much like those who play Dungeons and Dragons, Pokemon, and those who become fanatics of fantasy movies such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. These people search for happiness in the realm of fantasy and are usually referred to as losers by people who find success in matters that are beneficial for survival such as income generation, forming sexual relationships, and fitting in with peers.

The angriest patrons appear to be the ones that have the most difficulty thriving in society. Sometimes they even display avatars that are hate related. They are characterized by their lack of humor, constant homo-erotic insults, and fantasies of being "swolled" and having lots of sex that they describe as "so cash."

The most adjusted of the bunch seem to be those who repeatedly tell jokes that only they understand or make comments that irritate the others. Appearantly, the irritating comments are intended for personal amusement at how easy it is to 'ruffle the feathers' of the angry bunch. Sometimes they make random comments that appear to be the ramblings of a deranged lunatic but, to the highly intelligent, there is underlying meaning behind the madness. Sadly, only the eBaumians will ever see these gems.

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