How lord_infamous was born

Yes every body its true I vaginal_beetles had sex with lord_infamous. It all started when I was going to buy some egyptian meth, when I saw this fat nerdy slob drooling over me. He offered me a ride home. When I got there I was kind enough to invite him in, He took a seat and began to talk to me. I knocked the fucker on to the floor and made him eat the maggots off of my stinky germ infested poonanny. Have you ever hear the prhase " eating out of the palm of my hand" ? Well thats exactly what happened except he was eating out of my sickening black hole of a vagina. I made him my sex slave for the rest of the day and whipped the piss out of him. I gave him savage beatings and I shit and pissed inside of his mouth. I made him douche his own asshole. I even sprayed pepper spray into his asshole, Haha he was rubbing his ass on my rug like a puppy with but nuggets. 

            I kept a jar of his semen so just in case I rule earth one day than I can threaten spread his seed across the world. This guy was the most worthless poor bastard I have ever seen. The next day I dumped his scarred up body in a dumpster, but for some reason I felt  sorry for that pathetic little doucher. So I left him a nice bag of crack rock. It turns out that I never really gave that fag a bag of crack rock, it was really anabolic steroids? So that explains why there is a hideous steroid addicted ass doucher here.

Uploaded 07/17/2009
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